The Circulatory System

Hello! Today we are going to learn about the Circulatory System, but we will do it in a different way: no boring explanations from your teacher, no text books, no activity books..., instead, you will watch videos and pictures, you will read texts from the internet, you will fill in some activities and you will play some games... Does it sound fun?

How does it work? You will have to watch all videos and images and read all texts, and you will have to complete the activities that you have after them.

What are you going to learn? By the end of these two days you will know the function of the Circulatory system, its parts, how does the heart work, what is the blood made of, which are the different blood vessels and how blood circulates around our body.

Let's go!!!


Watch this video about circulation, the Circulatory System and the heart, and answer the questions.

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Now, watch this video about the Circulatory System and fill in the gaps later...

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Rellenar huecos

Read the text and fill in the gaps about the Circulatory System:

Same as cars, our body needs gasoline. is our body's gasoline. The is in charge of supplying Oxygen to our body, acting like a pump. A human heart is equal to the size of a and weights the same as an .

The Circulatory system consists of the , arteries, and capillaries and its function is to throughout the body. The largest blood vessel is the , which carries blood from the to the rest of the (except the lungs).


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