John and Mary

Illustration. John and Mary.

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In this unit, John and Mary think about how to describe themselves and how to describe other people.

The unit is divided into four activities:

  • Activity 1: first, you are going to create a personal profile. In it you will describe yourself and then you will all play a guessing game.
  • Activity 2: in this activity, you are going to write the biography of three very different people: an old woman, a middle-aged man and a little girl.
  • Activity 3: you are going to learn about the lives of some historical figures such as Shakespeare and other current characters.
  • Final activity: finally, working in pairs, you are going to interview two famous people.

In this unit, you will go through different types of activities: you will have to work with your classmates or on your own, you will have to think, to go a step ahead if you want more information, to evaluate yourself, etc.


Illustration. Skills. Source: Agrega

These are some of the skills you will be practising along this unit:

  • You are going to learn how to work in groups and how to present your ideas; specifically, you will learn to:
    • present concepts and ideas clearly;
    • analyse and evaluate other people's points of view;
    • develop attitudes that foster reflection and dialogue.
  • You are going to learn how to use your computer and the Internet to study:
    • by means of search engines and Public Service Official Websites with useful information;
    • you will learn to interpret informative texts and informative maps available online.
  • You are going to learn and use vocabulary related to people's appearance and personality:
    • using the correct expressions to describe yourself or other people;
    • you will be able to guess the description of a person by listening to it.

Are you ready? Let’s go!